Welcome to Bridgeport, Chicago’s oldest and most storied neighborhood, and home to Fabulous Freddies Italian Eatery.

Freddies is Fred and Denise Bertucci’s lifelong dream come true. The stars aligned over Bridgeport: Fred fell in love with Denise, and the two perfected their recipes while helping to manage Denise’s family’s restaurant, and – boom – Freddies was born. And though Bridgeport has changed, Freddies remains constant: It’s a family owned spot that serves food made with love from scratch every single day. A business that puts quality over everything (except family). A place where you can get off-menu requests without any hassle. A place where the pricing is always fair and the portions are humongous. A place that changes with the times, but somehow never seems to change.


701 W 31st Street, Chicago, IL 312-808-0147 

Lincolnwood Aquatic Center

7055 N. Kostner Avenue, Lincolnwood, IL 54785

Quality Foods

We know how much of an impact quality creates in any industry. Which is why every product we serve our customers is a product we are proud to serve. We use the finest quality ingredients and we are constantly working on maintaining superior standards.

Famous For Our

Signature Chicago items that include juicy Italian Beef, hearty Italian Sausage, succulent Meatball Sandwiches and Thin to Chicago-style Pizza. In the mood for something else? We’ve got much more! Wouldn’t be Chicago without a traditional or infused Italian Ice.

Original Recipes

All of Freddies recipes have Italian-American roots specific to Chicago. These recipes have been passed down over many generations. Freddies is dedicated to bringing it’s customers a true taste of Chicago and all it has to offer.